offers hunters and outfitters globally the unique opportunity to bid and bargain for the price of the guided hunt. You as the hunter select the location and specifics, and determine what you can afford. Outfitters in your selected hunting areas can then either accept or offer a counter price, resulting in lower costs to suit your budget.


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BidMyHunt offers hunters the unique opportunity to bid and bargain for the price of the customized guided hunt they desire or can afford. We therefore truly put the power in your hands. You specify the package and the price you are prepared to pay, and simply wait for the outfitters who are interested to respond.

Bid My Hunt


BidMyHunt is a unique and first ever global platform that connects a hunter and outfitter directly – with the difference that the power is in the hands of the hunter. The hunter specifies the details of the hunt, and offers it to outfitters who can then accept, reject, or submit counter bids for the customized package. This facilitates easier communication between hunters and outfitters and makes hunts more affordable for hunters.


The hunt was exceptional and exceeded all expectations. The diversity of species is almost inconceivable, the scenery is beautiful and the support from the PH'S, trackers and camp staff nothing short of first class. Wayne Schiavi - Oakfield, New York.
When going on a guided hunt the hunter needs to consider several rules: Find an honest, hardworking, well established outfitter; Hunt in an unit/area that has quality game; Hunt in an area with little hunter pressure; and Check references with past hunters. If you follow these rules you will pick for your next hunt. Todd Neice - Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.
I have been at a lot of different hunting camps in Africa over the last 25 yrs . Yours is without a doubt the best! From the quality and abundance of the game to the quality of all the employees that I met. Gary Glesby - Houston, Texas.
The hunt exceeded all my expectations. Great PH, great cook, great accommodations and the icing on the cake, a trophy Buffalo bull!! Stuart Snell - Dallas, Texas.

Hunting opportunities across the globe

We connect hunters with outfitters across the globe. From Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Colorado or Texas to Canada, Australia, New Zealand or a host of countries in Africa. Africa offers a number of countries in which hunts can be bid for, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Namibia. In South Africa there are many hunting regions, with the malaria free Eastern Cape zone being the most popular for its abundance of plains game. There are more than 40 different species of antelope and small game on offer to hunting clients.

Important conditions

Please note that all guided trophy hunt bids include airport transfers, accommodation, laundry, professional hunter, transportation during hunt, all meals, day fees and all taxes. All hunters and outfitters who want to use the services of BidMyHunt must first register on the website and accept the terms and conditions of the website and BidMyHunt.

Safe, ethical hunting experiences are provided and has been the core to our success.

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